Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) is a vital service unit which provides sterilized items to all departments of a hospital. It processes, issues, and controls the sterile stores’ supply. Proxenon provides the essential items which are used during these processes, starting from collecting contaminated items from OR till supplying the decontaminated items

Proxenon Medical: Reliable and Innovative Solutions for Sterilization

Proxenon Medical is a company that offers reliable and innovative solutions for sterilization in the healthcare industry. Our aim is to provide the highest quality sterilization devices to ensure hygienic and safe medical environments. We work to meet the sterilization needs of healthcare facilities by providing customized solutions to our customers.

Our products include:

Automatic High-Pressure Sterilization Device with a Lid: This device is ideal for the safe and hygienic sterilization of medical instruments and materials. The sterilization process can be fully controlled through the digital control unit. Additionally, the automatic lid provides safe operation during the sterilization process.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Device: This device is ideal for cleaning medical instruments and materials. The ultrasonic vibrations help to clean tough dirt and residue, making the sterilization process more effective.

Sterilization Cabinets: These cabinets are ideal for the safe sterilization of medical instruments and materials. Their convenient and durable designs allow for quick and easy sterilization processes.

All of our products are made from high-quality materials and designed to provide a hygienic sterilization environment. Additionally, their sturdy and durable structures offer long-lasting use.

We aim to provide the best solutions for sterilization needs by offering customized solutions to our customers. Whether it is a hospital, clinic, or dental office, we continuously work to provide the best sterilization solutions.

At Proxenon Medical, we offer the highest quality sterilization solutions to meet the hygiene and safety needs of the healthcare industry.