Hospital Stainless Steel Furnitures

Proxenon manufactures high-quality stainless-steel hospital furniture’s including sinks, crash carts, medical trolleys, medical tables, laundry trolleys, bins and more for a hospital correspond to global clinical standards

Hygienic and Durable Stainless Steel Furniture for Healthcare Facilities

In healthcare facilities such as hospitals or clinics, cleanliness is of paramount importance for the health of patients and staff. Therefore, hospital furniture must be hygienic and durable. To meet this need, we, as Proxenon Medical, manufacture high-quality and functional stainless steel furniture.

Some of our products include:

Clean Linen Trolley: This mobile basket cart is designed for transporting clean laundry used in hospital environments. Its stainless steel body provides a hygienic basket area and can be easily moved around thanks to its sturdy wheels. Available in different sizes and features according to your needs.

Surgical Brush Dispenser: This product is designed for ensuring hand hygiene before surgery. The stainless steel dispenser is ideal for holding and distributing sterile hand brushes. It can be mounted on the wall and provides a hygienic use.

Emergency Body Wash Station: This emergency washing station is designed for use in accidents and emergency situations. Its stainless steel body provides long-lasting and hygienic use.

All of our products are made of high-quality stainless steel and are designed to provide a hygienic environment. Additionally, they are durable and offer long-lasting use. Our products are available in different sizes and features to meet the needs of hospitals and clinics.

For Hospital Stainless Steel Furniture, we devote ourselves to producing furniture that meets the needs of healthcare facilities. Our products are designed to protect the health of patients and personnel and aim to provide a hygienic environment.